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Communications Team

Led by Lisa Rouede, coordinates our overall effort to keep our community informed of Ascension’s activities through a variety of means, including our monthly newsletter, website, electronic sign, and local advertising.  If you have a talent for communications, come join us. 

Ascension Website:  Dawn Currie and Brandon Lay

Newsletters, Bulletins, and Church Sign: Siggi McGlothlin

Advertising and Publicity Campaigns: Lisa Rouede

Finance Team

Led by Wayne Savold, provides financial oversight and develops the church’s annual budget.  If you possess gifts in finance, Wayne would love to have you on this vital church team.

Bookkeeping Team

Led by Gordon Waite, is responsible for collecting, counting, recording and depositing members’ offerings.  The team also prepares the necessary reports to the Congregation Council and individual members.  The Bookkeeping Team is always on the lookout for volunteers to help with the weekly count. Please consider offering your time and talent to their efforts.

Personnel Team

Led by our Vice President, Chuck Dean, provides overall management and supervision of our church staff, including the hiring of personnel.